We take Pride in making ALL of our Gourmet Food here at Brogino’s Cuisine.

Being health conscious, every month we receive valuable nutritional and health information from the University of California (Berkeley) and accordingly use the best fresh ingredients for our products. We only use skinless breast of chicken and fresh veal. All of our vegetables are fresh and no chemical substances are used for preparation. We use only extra virgin olive oil and unsaturated vegetable oil in our cooking and most sauces are made with wine instead of oil. We proudly make our bread and pizzas fresh every morning with no cholesterol, no preservatives and a minimum amount of salt… So enjoy the art of Italian cooking at Brogino’s with no guilty feelings.


2423 Artesia Blvd

Redondo Beach, CA 90278
For reservation, please call:

310-370-4827 or
310- 370-4828
Fax: 310-370-0559