Since 1977, Brogino's has been praised multiple times in the Daily Breeze, Los Angeles Times, The Beach Reporter and the Easy Reader among others.

RAVE! Reviews By M.L. Grill

Brogino's: Sensational Cuisine in a cozy Setting

Scintillating old school, traditional Italian fare is the hallmark of Brogino's in Redondo Beach where basic ingredients are combined for fascinating, flavorful creations.

In existence for a little more than 25 years, Brogino's is the sort of eatery where you feel instantly comfortable. With a painted ceiling of sky blue and white fluffy clouds and lots of plants, photos, and the cozy feel of an Italian cafe?, Brogino's is the sort of restaurant that's hard to find these days.

Under owner Tony Afsar's stewardship, Brogino's has a masterful handle on its cuisine, which ranges from pizza to sandwiches to seafood to chicken to pasta to steak to veal to lamb.

What I find most pleasurable about Brogino's is how each dish is lovingly crafted, resulting in splendid food that is unrivaled.

Flavors are perfectly nuanced so each is discernable and yet the nuances create dishes that are perfectly punctuated but not overwhelmed by their ingredients.
Two of Brogino's chalkboard specials the evening we dined Chicken Sardinia and Osso Bocco, were amazing displays of culinary finesse and the kind of finesse you wouldn't ordinarily expect to find in an Italian restaurant where sauces tend to cover pasta and other selections. At Brogino's, the food goes way beyond red and white sauce to present exquisitely thick chicken breast meat, as in the case of Chicken Sardinia, rolled with artichokes, eggplant and other ingredients and topped with an exemplary creamy white sauce or a version of Osso Bocco that reveals tender Veal that falls off the bone bathed in a brandy peppercorn pink sauce that includes garbanzo beans and delightful soft chunks of potato. It is evident, too, that Brogino's cuisine reflects the best and freshest ingredients. How else could such splendid dishes be created!

We began our evening with a margarita rocks with salt and a glass of chardonnay for my partner. Brogino's has a full bar as well as an excellent wine list with way reasonable prices.

I was please to see Luna Di Luna chardonnay/pinot grigio blend still on the list. It's a charming, refreshing wine that we first discovered at Brogino's some years ago.
Always in search of new delights and dishes to add to the menu, Tony informed us that he has added fresh-baked-in-house flatbread to his awesome garlic bread. This flatbread excels and is unlike any other I've had. It's thin and sort of doughy in texture (reminds me in form of pita bread) and is superb by itself or dipped into any sauce.

Part of what also raises Brogino's above the pack is its Complete Dinners. They boast a tremendous amount of food that includes a tureen of soup, a bowl of salad, and plenty of garlic bread. And yes, what arrives on your table is a large tureen and a large bowl each of which easily dwarfs the tabletop space. The soup is nice and "light" tasting and consists of a vegetable based broth that has simmered for eight hours with a nice blend of fresh celery, cabbage, carrots, onion, tomatoes and pasta. And the salad is anything but ordinary, as well, with kidney and garbanzo beans, all of which is tossed with lettuce in Brogino's homemade tomato basil dressing.

Ever the gracious host, Tony prepared two appetizers for our party of three so that we could sample a variety of cuisine. The Fried Calamari delivered tender calamari fried to a dark crisp with a bowl of marinara sauce on the side.

Brogino's sauces are lavish and bursting with flavor, and the marinara is no exception. We also were treated to an absolutely refreshing platter of sliced ripe tomatoes adorned with a thin slice of Parmesan cheese and basil leaves, with the entire creation doused nicely with balsamic vinegar. This dish, too, was divine.

As we progressed through our rapturous meal, Tony introduced us to two of his red wines, available by the glass or bottle. Talk about exceptional. The Domaine Laurier Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Reserve had an enormous bouquet that set the stage for its sublime content. I'm not a huge cabernet fan, but I've been treated to some expensive good ones and the cabernet holds its own. I'd even add this cabernet to my wine cellar at home (reds never take up much space in my collection) given its drinkability and lush resonance.

We also sampled a Forestville Vineyards Sonoma reserve Merlot from the Alexander Valley and once again complimented Tony on his ability to select reasonably priced wines that taste like nothing but winners.

The red wines went perfectly with our cuisine, particularly the

Beer is available, including Moretti, Peroni, Corona, Sierra Nevada Heineken, Miller Lite, Budweiser or Bud Lite and Coors Light.

Tony also features Starbucks espresso, cappuccino, and cafe? latte. We finished up with cappuccinos and mine was the best one I can remember having in a long time.
Brogino's dinner menu is extensive, and offers Complete Dinners or A La Cart. Prices range from $12.95 to around $20, some less, some more. Pastas are priced from $11.95 to $15.95 and are available in about 19 different sauce choices.

Gourmet pizzas come in small and large and range from $11.95 to $16.95. Individual eight-inch dinner pizzas served with soup or salad are just $12.95 per order.

Sandwiches served with salad are just $8.95. Brogino's also offers an last entrée we devoured. Another blackboard special was a marinated and aged steak, which was absolutely superb. Flavorful, tender, and juicy, Tony marinates his steak for a few days to achieve expert results. Any steak lover will adore this incredible selection.
For dessert, we split spumoni, tiramisu, cheesecake and gelato truffle. Brogino's desserts are handmade, some picked from select vendors, one of whom is right here in the south bay, in Redondo Beach.

This dessert assortment was an exciting way to conclude a special evening with my friends and the wonderful Tony and his staff. Kris, our server, has been with Brogino's forever and knows the menu inside and out.
She is quick, efficient, and pleasant. I even ventured into the kitchen to applaud the chefs. The recipes may be Tony's but these guys carry out his instructions to perfection.

Brogino's wine list includes white zinfandels, cabernet sauvignons, merlots, chiantis, sangiovese, red zinfandel, chardonnays, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigios, sparkling wines, Chablis, burgundy, and a chenin blanc/viognier pairing. Bottle prices range from $17.95 - $39.95 with most coming in around $20.

added feature worth taking advantage of - an extensive Take Out Menu with really nice pricing. Pizzas range from $8.95 to $16.95 on this menu, and entrees, which include fresh salad and garlic bread, range from $9.95-$15.95 for some magnificent combinations. Sandwiches on this menu are just $5.95 and $7.95 and Pasta with sauce starts at just $6.95 for one and just $11.95 for two.

Be sure to pick up Brogino's Take Out Menu.

Brogino's, open daily at 4 pm is located at 2423 Artesia Blvd. (between Inglewood Avenue, and Aviation Boulevard), Redondo Beach. Parking is available in a lot next to the restaurant. Call 310-370-4827 or 310-370-4828 to reach Brogino's.

And don't forget; Brogino's offers catering.

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